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Comcraft offers you a wide range of high quality testers.
Breakout Boxes

Our Breakout Boxes offer more features and are easier to use than others. They hold fourstate monitors and can break/redirect all signals lines. They can be battery/interface or external powered. We have Breakout Boxes for: RS232, V35, X21 (V10/11-RS422/423), V36 (RS449), RS530
Our Data Line Monitors are compact and turnkey analyzers. They are very handy for viewing data-flow, BERT tests, field analyses. They are very popular testing Industrial Interfaces (often used together with a RS232/485 converter).
Data Line Monitors
Quick Tests
Line Monitors show the state of the interface. Normally interface powered, they save the hassle with batteries. They are easy to use and read out.
Our converters are perfects companions for a RS232 analyzer. In addition "DCE/DTE" simulation they feature monitor mode (the most used mode for test). Our converters connect easy into any test environment and support a RS232 analyzer to test V.35 / X.21 / V.36 / RS530 and RS422/485.

Our products include the best features and technologies, for convenience and reliability.

Four state monitoring

Compact products

Interface or battery powered

adapters and cables included

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